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Introducing the Lenchanko-Andrade ohana

Video courtesy of Kupono Ronquillio (@kuponomonkey)

Born and raised in the heart of Waimanalo, Duke, his fiancée, Keiko and their precious 6-month-old daughter, Olena, are on the verge of embracing their forever home. Just like many Hawaiian families who have been granted land from the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL), their roots run deep within this community. 

Sitting with our team one sunny morning as the foundation of their new home was being poured, Duke shared the cherished memories of his childhood neighborhood. He told us about the corner plot of land his mom was awarded, how his auntie lives on the street down the road, and he shared how his sister still lives in their family home just a few minutes away. In fact, it was on his childhood street where Duke and Keiko’s paths first crossed 12 years ago. Their future home is nestled on land passed down to Duke by his godmother, and once completed, it will be just a stone’s throw from his mom’s house. 

For Duke and Keiko, the privilege of continuing to call Waimanalo home is a dream come true. Tragically, this dream remains elusive for many native Hawaiian families. The soaring cost of living and exorbitant housing rates, exacerbated by the pandemic, have forced thousands of native Hawaiians to seek more affordable housing options off the island. 

When they were granted their lease by DHHL, Duke and Keiko weren’t in a financial position to secure a traditional loan or contractor. 

“I have a modest job; I don’t make big dollars. I couldn’t just write a big check and say, ‘Build a house,'” Duke shared. 

Through word of mouth and after watching other Habitat homes built in their neighborhood, they discovered Honolulu Habitat for Humanity and applied for the non-profit’s Home Build Program in 2019. 

Throughout their journey to becoming homeowners, Duke and Keiko have displayed unwavering dedication, financial discipline and a resolute commitment to making homeownership a reality. Welcoming their daughter, Olena, in April 2023, has shifted their goals and priorities. As new parents, homeownership has evolved to encompass more than just their own aspirations; it’s now about building a future for their family. 

“Before, it was just about me. I wasn’t thinking about my future or my goals. Through this process, your mentality shifts, and as parents, it definitely shifts again. It’s no longer about us; it’s about what [Olena] needs, what she wants,” Duke reflected. 

As construction commences on their new home, they eagerly anticipate laying the foundation for their own family – a continuation of the hard work, patience, and dedication of their family members who came before them. 

Duke & Keiko at work on their future home. Photos courtesy of Alison Milam

“They really deserve all the praise. They stuck it out, they signed up, they stayed on the waitlist. They were always thinking of the future and thinking, ‘Even if I don’t get it, my children will get it.’ It’s being steadfast and strong enough to say we’re not going to give up on this. That’s determination. They deserve all the credit. Now, it’s our responsibility to make good with what they gave us.” 

The construction of their home marks the final step in a long journey toward homeownership, and it has required immense patience. Yet, for Duke and Keiko, the sense of security they can now provide for their daughter is well worth the wait. 

“Now we have a baby. I need to provide for my family, I need to give them a home – I can’t stick them in a studio apartment. I would like them to have the best of everything, and not all families can provide that. Thanks to Habitat, we’re now building our family’s home. It’s such a blessing to have an organization like this where they help support and provide for families that can’t.” 

“I finally feel like we can start thinking about our future. What is our future going to look like? And that’s a great feeling.” 

 You can help families like Duke’s build a brighter future with Habitat by making a donation today.


About Honolulu Habitat for Humanity’s Home Build Program

Established in 1988 as an independent affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Honolulu Habitat has touched the lives of more than 450 individuals across Oahu through new home construction and essential home repairs. Together, we’re building a brighter future for families like the Lenchanko-Andrade Ohana.

We partner with families on Oahu to achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership. Habitat homebuyers help build their homes alongside volunteers, participate in financial education classes, and pay an affordable mortgage. 

To learn more about how to become a Habitat homeowner, visit 




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