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Girls play house.
Women build them.

Bringing together women from across Oahu, Wahine Build is an annual initiative to mobilize, educate and empower women to build affordable homes with Honolulu Habitat for Humanity. 

Women are disproportionately underrepresented on Habitat’s build sites. Whether for lack of training or gender bias, they account for only 30% of construction volunteers.

Through Wahine Build, we provide hands-on training and a comfortable learning environment to help women succeed in changing their communities. 

About Wahine Build

Honolulu Habitat’s Wahine Build began in 2016 as a single-day event hosted during International Women Build Week (IWBW). In recent years, interest in women-led construction projects has grown considerably. At the same time, Habitat launched a 5-year strategic plan to triple its impact on Oahu’s affordable housing crisis.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of our community, we expanded Wahine Build in 2022 to increase Habitat’s base of female construction volunteers. Through hands-on training and a supportive learning environment, we empower women to flex their skills or learn something new on a Habitat build site. Last year, we united 150+ women for the cause of affordable housing in Hawaii and raised $80,000 for Honolulu Habitat for Humanity.

Now, we are growing again.

In 2023, Wahine Build will span three months (March – May) and mobilize more than 200 women. Together, we will construct a home in Waimanalo from foundation to finish. It will be the first home in Honolulu Habitat’s 35-year history built entirely by female volunteers.

Wahine Build is driven by a committee of women leaders dedicated to making Hawaii a move vibrant and equitable place to live. Meet our 2023 committee!

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about our logo

The Wahine Build logo was created by Jana Sasaki, local graphic designer, to reflect concepts of construction, women-empowerment and Hawaiian culture. Jana spent countless hours curating each element to contribute to the story of Wahine Build and the message we intend to share with the community. Read more about Jana and our logo here.

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