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How to Qualify

To be eligible for our Home Build program, applicants must meet the following qualifications:

Ability to Pay

Families must demonstrate steady income and be in good financial health.

Need for Housing

Families must be currently living in substandard or cost-burdened housing.

Willingness to Partner

Families that partner with Habitat invest 275 ‘sweat equity’ hours building their own home and the homes of other Habitat families.

How Communities Benefit

When the people of a community are strengthened, the whole community is improved.

Habitat Homeownership Creates Property Tax Payers

Families who partner with Honolulu Habitat are active, invested families who care deeply for the communities they are a part of. As families settle into their new homes and become part of the tax base, the whole community is strengthened.

Habitat Connects People Directly to Those They Are Helping

Every person who volunteers  and donates  is a key part of changing a family’s future. Partner families aren’t people who are in faraway places – they’re individuals who live and work here in Hawaii.

Committed Home Buyers Improve Homeownership Base

When a community has a high rate of homeownership, a beautiful cycle of investment begins. This commitment to a better community means that everyone enjoys a stronger and healthier neighborhood.

Invested Homeowners Overcome Urban and Rural Blight

When invested homeowners focus their attention on keeping their home, community and aina in excellent condition, neighborhoods enjoy higher levels of safety, security, and pride of ownership.

Volunteering with Habitat Develops Team-Building Skills

There’s something special about serving together, and sharing an experience that is not only enjoyable, but makes a lasting impact for a family in need. Churches, businesses, organizations of all types and sizes can partner with us.

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