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A legacy of growth: a hui hou Jim Murphy

Last month, after eight years of dedicated service and leadership, Jim Murphy announced his resignation as Chief Executive Officer of Honolulu Habitat for Humanity.

Jim’s time at Honolulu Habitat can be described as expansive. Under his leadership, we constructed 21 homes on Oahu, developed critical community partnerships to advance our mission, established a new housing program – Home Offering – for families without land opportunities, and launched the most comprehensive strategic plan in the history of our organization.

Shanti Gomes, president of Habitat’s board of directors, first met Jim in 2014 when she built her home with Honolulu Habitat. 

“Over the last eight years, Jim orchestrated a strong foundation and sustainable future for Honolulu Habitat,” she said, “His hard work and leadership have redefined the role of Chief Executive Officer.”

It is said that you should do the work that you love. And if you’re lucky you’ll end up loving the work that you do.

So, I’ve been pretty damn lucky these last eight years.

I am fortunate to have experienced Hawaii through the partnerships that Habitat developed with the communities we serve. I have witnessed the remarkable resilience and strength of our homeowners.

Working side-by-side with volunteers, staff, homeowners, community leaders and partners, to address the critical need for permanent, affordable housing in Hawaii was both an honor and a blessing.

In the end, Habitat’s mission is about more than providing shelter. It is about changing futures, strengthening communities and helping someone else fulfill the dream in their heart.

Habitat has also fulfilled a dream in my heart; to do this work, in this place with all of you. As my wife and I now leave Hawaii now in pursuit of other dreams, I am forever grateful for the aloha that I was both shown and taught here.

Mahalo for being part of this journey,

Jim Murphy

As we reflect upon and celebrate the legacy Jim leaves behind, our focus and commitment to serving our mission remains steadfast. We have work to do, together.

“Habitat’s dedicated staff and board of directors are committed to the future of Honolulu Habitat,” said Shanti Gomes, “We are prepared to navigate this transition and continue serving the communities of Oahu.”

Habitat’s Chief of Staff, TJ Joseph, been appointed interim CEO. 

Piohia Groundblessing Ceremony ©2020 Howard Wolff Photography

“Two months after building our Habitat home in 2014, Jim encouraged me to join the organization,” recalls TJ, “He afforded me the opportunity to combine my eight years of non-profit experience with my desire to serve our community. Today I am grateful to create pathways of affordable homeownership for all. It has been a pleasure to serve with such a committed leader.

“Honolulu Habitat for Humanity is a stronger, more resilient and impactful organization today because of Jim.”

“Our dedication to Habitat’s mission is unwavering,” she adds, “We will continue to holomua (move forward) until our vision of a Hawaii where everyone has a decent place to live has been realized.”

Make a donation to Honolulu Habitat in honor of Jim Murphy.


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