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New beginnings for the Piohia Ohana


Last month we presented Moses Piohia with the keys to his Habitat home at a celebratory Home Dedication in Waimanalo. He is Honolulu Habitat’s 86th homeowner.

It was a day that had been years in the making. Moses was accepted into Honolulu Habitat’s Home Build Program in 2018. Since then, he has spent nearly 700 hours building his own home and the homes of his neighbors.

“This is a man who has touched the last six houses that we’ve built,” said Jim Murphy, Executive Director, “his presence in the community of Waimanalo makes Waimanalo stronger.

Bless the hands that helped. Bless the minds that created. Bless the hearts that cared for it.

I just can’t express – the words won’t come out,” said Moses on the morning of the ceremony, “Praise God, first and foremost. Without Him, this wouldn’t be happening. Bless the hands that helped. Bless the minds that created. Bless the hearts that cared for it.

More than 400 volunteers have worked side-by-side with Moses and his family to build his house from the ground up. 

The ceremony was attended by family, neighbors, Habitat staff and volunteers, as well as representatives from select partners that have been instrumental in building the home – The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation, 535 Plumbing and Hawaii Pacific Health. Additional support also provided by MRC Roofing, Ayko Group LLC, Nareit Hawaii Foundation, Na Lei Aloha, the Cooke Foundation, Aloha United Way, PPG Paints, Whirlpool, and Discount Windows & Doors.

New home, new beginnings!

Moses and his daughters, Rosie (19) and Rayne (13), moved into the home last weekend. Rosie shares what it’s been like since moving into their Habitat home:

“The most heartwarming thing is saying, ‘I’m home!’” said Rosie, “It’s been a long 8 months. We’ve pulled through and worked our okole off to get into our house. I’m in love with our new home and so far, it’s been pretty awesome. There were things that we weren’t capable of doing in our old house that we can do now. I am so proud to say that Dad used his own two hands to put a roof over our head. We are so grateful for him and will make every moment special in our new hale. New home, new beginnings!”

All images ©Howard Wolff Photography

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