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922 Austin Lane, #C-1
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

(808) 538-7070

Building Communities, Homes and Hope for the People of Hawaii

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Home Build

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1. Need

Family is living in inadequate housing and don’t have access to the financial resources to buy a home without our programs.


Family has a stable income, either from employment or other legitimate sources, who have an acceptable credit history and who don’t have excessive debt. Habitat families have incomes that are between 30% and 60% of the median income figures for the Honolulu area, adjusted for family size. Please see below for a chart of our income levels.

3. Willingness to partner

Partner Families work right along our staff and volunteers to build their home. Sweat equity hours provided before and during after your home construction is the foundation of our partnership!

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What does a partnership with Honolulu Habitat mean?

Building a home with Honolulu Habitat for Humanity is a partnership. Habitat works to find the best funding and mortgage strategy possible for our families within our service area.

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The hours that you spend building your house, and helping other families build theirs, is called sweat equity. Each adult family member is required to work towards a goal of approximately 300 sweat equity hours during their home build. If a family member has physical limitations, Habitat will work with the family to identify other tasks that can be performed towards their sweat equity hours.

We also ask Habitat families to participate in publicity. Because we rely heavily on donations to pay for building materials, our families play a vital role in telling the Habitat story to the community.

Being a partner also means being faithful in making the mortgage payments every month. Your mortgage payments go directly into a fund that enables us to build more houses for more families. 


Information Sessions

Contact our Family Services Coordinator, Shana Petelo at 777-4138 to find out about scheduled information sessions in your community or to set up and individual consultation with our team!

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