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NEWS: Honolulu Habitat selected as #CHANGEgrantee2021

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Honolulu Habitat for Humanity received a $40,000 grant from the Hawaii Resilience Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF). Honolulu Habitat is one of 194 nonprofits statewide selected by HCF for the CHANGE Grants program.

A total of $7M was deployed in this inaugural year of the program, including $2M from 665 donors statewide and $5M from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott’s generous gift to HCF in 2020.

The grant, announced earlier this week, will provide crucial support for Honolulu Habitat to expand the development of affordable homes on Oahu. 

“We’re grateful for the support of the Hawaii Community Foundation,” said Jim Murphy, Honolulu Habitat Executive Director, “and to be part of a framework that highlights the interrelation of nonprofit organizations. We all want the same thing – a brighter future for Hawaii.”

The first year of the CHANGE Framework Grants program focuses on understanding the critical issues in Hawai‘i that might need more support, or pinpointing where momentum is taking place and more investment is needed. HCF supports change through data, grantmaking, partnerships and collective action.

About CHANGE Grants

The CHANGE Framework acknowledges the interconnected nature of community issues and focuses on six essential areas that constitute the overall well-being of these islands and people.

Each letter of CHANGE represents a sector, or area, that affects our community and its ability to thrive. Under each sector, HCF has assembled a curated set of data to track progress and are also making deep investments into the community with the support of hundreds of donors and working with partners across the state from government to nonprofits to find solutions together—all for its vision to see an equitable Hawaii, where all communities can thrive.

The six sectors of the CHANGE Framework are: Community & Economy, Health & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Natural Environment, Government & Civics, and Education.

Read more about the CHANGE Framework.

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