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We welcome corporations, military and community groups, faith congregations, and many more to join us in building safe, affordable homes in our community.

For more information on team builds complete the interest form below.

What to Expect on Your Build Day

Rules at the construction work site:

  1. Be conscious of your own safety and the safety of others while on the work site.
  2. Always wear appropriate clothing while working on site.
    – Must wear closed toe and closed heeled shoes. No heels, sandals, and slippers. Sturdy sneakers or work boots are preferred.
    – No skirts, dresses, or short shorts. Long pants (jeans or labor work pants) are preferred.
    – Avoid wearing jewelry while on site. Rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. can be lost or damaged easily, and in some cases they can make minor injuries much worse.
    – Long hair should be pulled back, especially when working around power tools.
  3. In response to COVID-19, we’ve made several changes to the way we work. Read more now.
  4. Be aware of construction site age limit, and honor them at all times!
    – No one under 16 years of age will be allowed on the construction site at any time.
    – Volunteers must be at least 18 years to handle power tools, work on scaffolding, or at work on the roof (above the top plate).
  5. Hydrate throughout the work day, especially when it’s hot. If you are not sweating or using the restroom regularly, you are not drinking enough water!
  6. If you need to receive a call or make a call, step away from the work site and go the volunteer spot to do so. Absolutely no texting while on the construction site.
  7. No sleeping on site.
  8. No running or horse-playing on site. Always be aware of uneven ground, extension cord, construction debris, and other potential trip hazards.
  9. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the premises at any time.
  10. No smoking on construction site.
  11. Meet the partner family. They are the reason you are here. They want to show you their aloha!
  12. Have a great time.

What to bring on your scheduled work day:

  1. Complete the mandatory 2021 Volunteer Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability
    16-17 years old must have a parental authorization on the waiver form. Any volunteers under 16 CAN NOT volunteer on a construction site or handle tools.
  2. Wear closed toe and closed heeled shoes for safety. You will be working around weeds, insects and tools. NO SLIPPERS.
  3. You should wear a hat & sunscreen. You will be working in the sun.
  4. Unless informed otherwise, please bring a sack lunch and water bottle for refills.
  5. If you bring tools, mark them clearly in a spot that will not cause the marking to wear off during the day of use. Please note, Habitat is not responsible for any tools that you bring to the work site.
  6. Face mask
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