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Building Communities, Homes and Hope for the People of Hawaii


The Lopes Family

Angela Lopes contacted Honolulu Habitat for Humanity because she was struggling to afford her condo in Ewa Beach.  She knew she was taking on too much debt for her income, but she needed a safe place for her children to live.

Angela’s father transferred his property in Waimanalo into her name and Angela sold her condo.  However, the house on the property in Waimanalo was falling apart.  The house was about 150 years old and was falling apart because of termite and rain damage and general wear and tear.  The floor in one of the bedrooms had caved in and every room showed evidence of termite damage and a leaky roof.  Many walls were detached from the foundation. The kitchen wall was easily shaken with the touch of a hand and the ceiling was collapsing.  Parts of the home were being held up by makeshift poles to support sagging walls.

Angela was accepted into partnership with Honolulu Habitat in January 2010.

In April 2010, Honolulu Habitat finished and dedicated Angela’s 3 bedroom home, with the help of the Lopes family and hundreds of dedicated volunteers.