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922 Austin Lane, #C-1
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

(808) 538-7070

Building Communities, Homes and Hope for the People of Hawaii

Staff & Board

Dorothy Aiwohi, Construction Coordinator,, 380-8018

Jonathan Bator, ReStore Donations Coordinator,; 777-3337

Rozie Brezlin, Family Services Coordinator,, 777-4138

April Bullis, ReStore Manager,; 380-8616

Liz Gately, ReStore Retail Coordinator,; 380-8617

MG Greenway, Site Supervisor,

T.J. Joseph, Operations Manager,; 538-7575

Jane Johannsen, Business Development Associate,, 777-3335

Jennifer Keomaka, Office Coordinator,; 777-3334

Jim Murphy, Executive Director,; 538-7373

Ivan Orozco, Volunteer Coordinator,; 777-4137

Mel Ressler, Construction Manager,; 380-8615

Ken Spellman, Site Supervisor,

FY18 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Nik Daubert
Hawaii National Bank

Regina Ostergaard-Klem
Vice President
Hawaii Pacific University

Bernie Reeves
St. Ann's Church



David Asakura
Commercial Asset Advisers


Kristin Holland
Alston, Hunt, Floyd and Inc


Paige Heckathorn
Healthcare Association of Hawaii

Dianne Ho Bosworth
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


Scott Nojiri
Central Pacific Bank


Rufino Dan Magliba

Alaka'ina Foundation

Kamuela Cobb-Adams
Kamehameha Schools


Shana Petelo
Aloha Subs


Alexa Tim
Island Pacific Distributors, Inc.