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Building Communities, Homes and Hope for the People of Hawaii


Lehua Fuller

Lehua Fuller spent a lifetime taking care of people. She raised 12 children in her 4 bedroom home in Waimanalo, 7 girls and 5 boys. As a stay at home mom, she knew that taking care of her family was her top priority. Now 79 years old, Lehua is looking forward to Honolulu Habitat for Humanity helping to take care of her with a new home.

Lehua and her husband, who passed away in 1994, moved their existing house from Kailua to Waimanalo when their 10th child was only 9 months old. When they moved the house, it had 3 bedrooms, and they added on the fourth as they added to their family. She raised her family in the home, and watched as they grew into adults and moved into the world. She reflects now that she got through it all with the grace of God and lots of love and patience.

Living in Waimanalo, Lehua has seen friends and neighbors work with Habitat for Humanity for their homes, and was inspired to attend a family information session at the Waimanalo Library. After 12 children and over 50 years of wear and tear, her roof was leaking, the home was termite-eaten, and she had holes in the floor. She qualified, and began working on her sweat equity right away, working in the office and participating in gift wrap over the holidays.

This is the first new house I will ever own.
— Lehua Fuller

Lehua’s voice grows animated when she talks about her new home. “This is the first new house I will ever own,” she says excitedly. “And so much smaller, only 2 bedrooms – it will be so much easier for me.” She looks forward to a new home that’s easier to clean, easier to take care of, and leaves lots of room for her garden.