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922 Austin Lane, #C-1
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

(808) 538-7070

Building Communities, Homes and Hope for the People of Hawaii

Donation Guidelines


Donations accepted based on condition, age, demand and available space for said item. We are eager to accept the following items:

APPLIANCES - refrigerators, freezers, washer/dryers, ranges, range hoods, ovens, microwave oven

  • Must be in clean and in good working order with no repairs needed.
  • Items must be less than 5 years old.

CABINETS/COUNTER TOPS - kitchen and bathroom

  • Cabinets in good condition with all doors and drawers.  
  • Counter tops must be in good condition with minimal chips or damage.

DOORS - pre-hung or door slabs; exterior or interior; entryway units; sliding glass (w/ tracking)

  • No cracks, rot, termites or glass missing.

FANS - ceiling, floor, table top

  • Must be working, fully intact, and in good condition.

Flooring materials

  • Must be usable quantities of 25 sq feet or more.
  • Must be free from rot and termite damage.
  • We accept sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, wood florring, laminate, bamboo. 


  • We accept dishware, glassware, framed art, mirrors, cookware, collectibles, and home decor. 


  • We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc., free of rust and not broken.
  • Any quantity of nails, screw hangers, connectors, etc.


  • We accept only NEW, UNUSED insulation.


  • Must be complete and in good to excellent condition.  
  • No fluorescent lights or can lights.


  • Plywood – full, ½, ¼ sheets of plywood
  • Full length of milled lumber – free of rot and insects
  • Trim – In minimums of 5-ft lengths.
  • Siding – full lengths, free of rot and insects.  Vinyl or aluminum must come in full boxes only.


Paint/Wall coverings

  • Full, unopened rolls of wall covering/paper
  • New full unopened paint/stain in 5gal, 1gal or quart sizes. ½ pint size acceptable for stain.
  • Occasional acceptance of opened paint based on in house project needs


  • We accept five foot lengths (or more) of any type of pipe supplies and fittings.


  • Drop-in sinks mostly, only a few underneath mount will be accepted based on inventory/need – no rust.
  • Any plumbing hardware which is complete
  • Toilets. Only NEW toilets accepted. Quantity accepted is based on inventory levels.
  • Pipe supplies and fittings
  • Faucets- compete sets only
  • Shower enclosure – all components
  • Bathtubs – Fiberglass, cast iron, steel, claw foot

Roofing Materials/Gutters

  • Limited number of full bundles of new shingles will be accepted based on space available.
  • We accept NEW rolls of roofing material and gutter materials in full pieces with no rust or damage.

Storm window and doors

  • We accept all window and screens and all tracking or framing.

Sheet Rock

  • Wallboard and drywall: full (8’) or half (4’) sheets in good condition.
  • Both 12 foot sheets if space available.


  • Hand, garden or power tools in working condition. 
  • Will sell as is.

Vents (floor, ceiling, return)

  • All vents must be clean and in good condition.


All windows must be inspected before acceptance.

  • Must be in good condition, glass intact.
  • Wooden windows must be free from rot.
  • Must be in complete units. 
  • Jalousie glass panels will be accepted only in good condition and as space allows.


  • Must be in good condition with no rips, tears, stains, rust, and must structurally sound.
  • Must be free of termites and water damage.


  • We accept electronics on a case by case basis.
  • No tube televisions or non-working miscellaneous electronic equipment. 


  • We accept patio stone, paving stone and bricks.
  • NO cracked or broken pieces.
  • Must be palletized on a flat, hard surface.
  • Must be ACCESSIBLE for pallet jack (sidewalk, etc.)
  • Various landscaping and backyard materials based on item and available space.
  • Must drop off.


  • Used toilets
  • Broken or unframed glass
  • Broken or unframed mirrors
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Clothing
  • Drapes
  • Paint thinner or other hazardous or toxic chemicals
  • Appliances of disrepair or of significant age
  • Hollow flat slap doors
  • Antifreeze, motor oil or other automotive chemicals
  • Partial, incomplete, or misc. items
  • Shower doors
  • Used water heaters
  • Any children’s item
  • Any pet related items